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Our hearts go out to the families affected by the events in Boston.   During times of trauma, sadness, and grief, it is important to effectively manage our response in a way that will allow us to heal.  The following links contain informative websites from various sources may be of assistance and provide support for the Boston Tragedy:

Trauma in Your Community

Community Violence: Effects of Children and Teens
Describes how neighborhood violence effects young people, and gives resources that can help.

  • Acts of Violence, Terrorism, or War: Triggers for Veterans
    Describes how Veterans may respond to or be triggered by new acts of violence, terrorism, or war. Provides a list of tips to help Veterans cope with such events.
  • Media Coverage of Traumatic Events 
    Learn how media (news, movies, etc.) can affect your stress level or harm children, and read about how to reduce bad effects.
  • Journalists and PTSD
    Journalism is a career that can bring some risk of physical harm and long-term emotional distress. This fact sheet discusses how journalists can be impacted by exposure to traumatic events.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network


National Association of School Psychologists

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