Child and Family Solutions is committed to providing individuals, couples, youth and families in NJ high-quality, evidence-based counseling.  Fully upholding our mission and vision, our counselors take a humanistic, cognitive behavioral and/or eclectic approach to resolving behavioral, emotional, substance use, and/or mental health challenges.  All services are individualized and counselors are assigned based on their specialties and the clinical needs and preferences of the service recipient.

The tabs under “our services” in the top menu outline our various counseling programs. ادين هازرد   Our youth and family counseling services are aimed at youth suffering with behavioral and/or emotional challenges.  Services provide education, support and interventions to parents and the youth receiving services.  Youth and Family counseling may be received in the service recipient’s home or our office.  In-home counseling services allow our clinically licensed counselors the ability to thoroughly evaluate ones’ circumstances and offer comprehensive, therapeutic recommendations to promote healing and mental clarity to families residing in NJ.

Our outpatient program provides the same high level of quality therapy. كاس يورو 2022   However, services are rendered in an office setting.  Many insurance plans are accepted for both outpatient and in-home counseling services. Please browse our outpatient program page for more information on outpatient counseling, frequently asked questions, the insurances we accept and the intake process. عمر اللاعب سواريز

The old adage “things get better with time” is not always applicable when dealing with behavioral, emotional, family, or mental health challenges.  Start working towards a better you now so you can feel better in the days to come.  With pride in our exceptional counselors, skills, and professionalism, we are confident our counseling programs will help you reach your goals.