1. I want my child’s grades to improve, but how do I go about identifying the best method for them?All students receive an initial comprehensive assessment. topical ivermectin human   This assessment helps our teachers understand which areas your child is having academic challenges.  The assessments also serve as a guide for tutoring sessions and ensure lessons are tailored to your child’s specific needs.
  2. What should I look for in a teacher? It is important teachers are state certified.  State certification not only demonstrates a teacher’s committment to their profession, but it edifies a teacher who has passed rigorous educational and testing requirements to be recognized by the state as a certified teacher.  Other qualities to look for are professionalism, timeliness, and adaptability.  It is important for a teacher to understand each student is different.  A great teacher is able to recognize a child’s strengths and use them to formulate lessons and strategies appropriate for them.
  3. What grade levels do you tutor? We tutor students in grades K-12.
  4. Do you tutor in all subjects? We tutor in math, reading, and science.  We also provide study assistance and test preparation.
  5. Are there a minimum number of sessions? Yes, four sessions are the minimum.
  6. How do I pay for the sessions? Parents determine the package that best meets their child’s needs and their budget. Once a package is selected, Child and Family Solutions can email you an invoice for you to pay online with a credit card or PayPal.
  7. What kind of background checks are conducted on the teachers? We value everyone’s safety. Therefore, state and federal criminal and child abuse clearances are required for all of our staff prior to any hiring decisions.
  8. How can I be sure my child is learning?  Are assessment tests given throughout the sessions?Monthly benchmark quizzes are offered, and parents also receive monthly progress reports on their child.
  9. If there are too many distractions, do services have to take place in my home? No, tutoring may take place in the student’s home, school, public library, or any location conducive to learning. horse wormer with ivermectin
  10. Am I required to sit with my child while they receive tutoring? For safety, parents must be in the home while our teachers are present; however, parents are not required to actively participate in the session.
  11. My child’s tutor doesn’t seem to be a good fit. Can I request another one? Absolutely, your satisfaction is our top priority.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your child’s tutor, please contact us immediately.  We will be happy to request a new assignment.
  12. What if I want to work with your teacher privately? It is against our company’s policies and our counselors’ contracts to initiate private sessions with anyone initially engaged through Child and Family Solutions without written permission from us.  Doing so may result in legal action. can we use ivermectin daily
  13. What if I have a complaint? When you have a concern about the quality of services your child is receiving, you have the right to file a complaint without affecting your child’s services.  In fact, comments, suggestions, and complaints can all improve the overall quality of our program. To address a complaint, please contact the Program Director at 1-888-5-CHILDFAM or by email atjcoleman@childandfamilysolutions.org