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During the holiday season, it is expected to give abundantly to loved ones, especially children.  Each year, it is a parent’s wish to make this Christmas, the best Christmas ever.  However, parents should make sure their children also practice gratitude during this time.  Helping a child to practice the act of being grateful for what they have and will receive, will teach them the strong power of the mind.  When a child is grateful for the good things he or she has, only then can they receive more good things.

To help children practice being grateful, ask them daily what they are happy and grateful for.  Also, modeling this practice makes a good influence for children to follow.  For instance, parents can say often when communicating with their child all they are happy and grateful for.  Some examples are: going shopping, when looking around instead of commenting on things that are too expensive, a parent can say “I am happy and grateful we can shop for Aunt Suzie.  We’ll find her the perfect gift.” When eating dinner together, a parent can mention “I am happy and grateful to have such a wonderful family with beautiful and smart children.” When a parent gets in the habit of being happy and grateful, they’ll find hundreds of things to say each day.

The more often people say what it is they are happy and grateful for, the more they actually feel happy and grateful.  The human race is made up of powerful beings, the only creatures with the gift of thought.  With thoughts, people can create their life.   It is imperative children know this as early in life as possible.  Children should believe that life is abundant and every day is like Christmas.  Every day is a day of giving and receiving abundantly.  Giving a child the gift of knowledge of the power of the mind, is the gift that will forever give a child the best life possible.

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