A happy marriage is a great thing.  However, married couples will tell you that marriage is not always “happy.” There are challenges, conflicts, and circumstances that can strain a marriage. الكزينو  There are times when couples can work together to solve familial or relationship challenges and other times when a couple finds their relationship spiraling downward.  Marriage counseling is a great option to help preserve the relationship when a couple feels things have gone beyond their control. كيفية لعب بلاك جاك  Child and Family Solutions is a leading provider of NJ Marriage Counseling. Marriage counseling is very popular and effective.   In fact, to avoid marital problems, many couples are now opting for pre-marital counseling.   Counseling is the professional help that acts as a neutral ear to both partners.  During the counseling process, the counselor helps to bridge a gap between each partner while improving trust, communication, and respect.  It can be difficult to decide when to seek counseling so this article will provide some suggestions.
1.    Poor communication – When you find that you and your partner are often having miscommunications and/or are often misunderstood.  A counselor could help you and your partner properly express your feelings. لعبة تربح منها المال  If communication is avoided altogether because your attempts to communicate end in a volatile argument, it is advised to seek Marriage Counseling as soon as possible.

2.    Little to no intimacy – Intimacy in a relationship is very important.  Intimacy is what physically and emotionally connects you to your partner.  Without it, you will not have the strength to work through any challenges that arise in the marriage.  Regular, balanced, and passionate sex is also an important part of maintaining a relationship.  Unfortunately with today’s busy schedules, sex is one of the first things to get neglected.  If you find you are not having sex or feelings of intimacy as often as you believe you should, marriage counseling can help couples see the value in intimacy and help restore it.

3.    Addiction – If you or your loved one is experiencing abuse or addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, or possesses any other maladaptive habits; seek counseling immediately.  Addictions wreak havoc on relationships and destroy families.  The addict must first understand the addiction cannot be conquered alone and with the help of a professional, they can live whole again.  Your family is worth it.

4.    Family trauma- If your family has experienced any trauma such as: death, financial challenges/impairments, life threatening illness, miscarriage or difficulty with conception, it is advisable to seek counseling to assist the family and couple with adjustment challenges that arise from these traumatic events.

5.    Infidelity- Infidelity is devastating to a marriage.  It is one of the top reasons marriages end in divorce.  Unfortunately, infidelity is only a reaction to a deeper issue in the individual and relationship.  Marriage counseling can help a couple understand the epidemiology of infidelity and help promote healing.