The Cuban wedding is a unique affair with a mix of rich traditions and persuits that have been around for years. Many worth mentioning traditions will be religious and are a way to show a couple’s determination to each other and defend against evil mood.

The marriage ceremony can be described as key section of the celebrations. It usually takes place in a house of worship, but it can also be in a garden or perhaps at the beach. The ceremony involves rituals that symbolize the couple’s commitment to one another and an enormous party afterward.

Marriage is actually a hugely significant event for Cubans as it enables them to start a fresh life together. The wedding marriage ceremony is certainly followed by a reception wherever the guests can party and enjoy something to eat and beverages.

One of the important traditions during the marriage is to minimize the wedding cake, which symbolizes the love and determination the few has intended for one another. The groom and bride piece a pastry with a device together and next give food to each other a bite.

Another custom is always to toss the bouquet, which is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune with respect to the bride and groom. At the conclusion of the marriage, a couple can throw rice each and every other to ward off bad luck.

The money dance is a popular practice at Cuban weddings, whereby every gentleman who wants to dance with the star of the event pins some funds onto her dress. This money can now be used to ensure that the bride and groom with their vacation expenses.